Do I need a home survey?

Buying a home is typically the most significant and costly decision you will make and often, especially in the current market, you have more time deciding on a new paint colour for the living room than the actual purchase!

We believe it is essential to obtain an objective assessment on the property’s condition and a guide on other key considerations with a RICS Home Survey prepared by a Chartered Building Surveyor who has a deep knowledge and understanding of the property in Bristol and the south west.

Quick lead-in & comprehensive service

  • Between our team of Chartered Building Surveyors at Lantic, based in Bristol and the south west, we can typically inspect in around 10 working days following a formal instruction.
  • We can provide cost estimates for all issues identified in the report to assist with negotiation and for refurbishment budgeting.
  • Once you have had a good read of the report, we can then arrange a follow up call to go through all your questions.

Level 3 Survey

The Level 3 Survey (sometimes referred to as a structural survey or full building survey) is the most comprehensive home survey for residential property purchases.

The level 3 building survey provides in-depth detail on the structure and fabric of the property and is best suited for larger, older or run-down property or where you are planning significant alterations, such as a loft conversion or rear extension.

The Level 3 Survey sets out to confirm the construction materials used and how these materials will perform in the future, provide advice on potential hidden defects as well as those identified during the inspection, provide specific comment on the energy performance and detail repair options with a timeframe for action.

At Lantic, we have experience inspecting a wide range of property types from all periods such as Georgian & Victorian era properties. Our listed building surveyor has undertaken detailed inspections of various prominent listed buildings, from Clifton townhouses to National Trust properties such as Ickworth House hotel in Suffolk and Fowey Hall in Cornwall.

Whilst the standard reports are not offered with cost advice, we offer optional cost tables with our Level 3 Report. Using our broad industry experience benchmarked against recognized industry data, we provide you with guidance on the likely short-term costs to be incurred and anticipated long-term repairs.  Our priority ranked cost summary highlights the most important issues and works required, and informs on the key items to include in your future maintenance plans.

There are three levels of RICS home survey available, including the Level 2 Survey (also sometimes referred to as a homebuyers) and we have prepared a blog post on choosing the right survey level here.

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